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2018 Changshu International Half Marathon Introduction
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2018 Changshu International Half Marathon Introduction

2018 Changshu International Half Marathon will be held in Changshu, “Promised Land of Jiangnan” on November 25th, 2018. As a totally new presentation of Changshu International Half Marathon, this year’s Changshu International Half Marathon will be held at the standard of “Gold Medal Race of Chinese Athletic Association”.


2018 Changshu International Half Marathon is hosted by Chinese Athletic Association and Changshu Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Changshu Sports Bureau, Changshu Tourism Bureau, Changshu Yushan Tourist Resort Administrative Committee and Changshu Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and exclusively operated and promoted by Suzhou WE Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd.


By the time of the race, there will be 10,000 Chinese and foreign marathon enthusiasts gathering at Changshu to compete for various prizes of the race, and at the same time, many domestic and foreign news media will deliver real-time tracking reports of the race and satellite television channels, local television channels and other television channels will also live broadcast the race. The race consists of half marathon (21.0975 km) and short marathon (10 km). The number of participants of half marathon and short marathon is 7,000 and 3,000 respectively.


Let us meet at Changshu to enjoy the beautiful scenery, feel the natural oxygen bar and enjoy thoughtful race service on November 25th. Let us run together, feel the gentleness and richness of water town and experience the historical heritage and economic strength of “Chinese famous historic and cultural city” and “National top 100 city”.


2018 Changshu International Half Marathon, a carefully-prepared race, will bring you the most unforgettable race experience!

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Host:China Athletics Association, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau,Changshu Municipal People's Government
Organizers: Changshu Municipal Sports Bureau,Changshu Tourism Bureau, Changshu Lushan Shanghu Tourism Resort Management Committee,Changshu Wenlv Development Co., Ltd.,
Exclusive Publicity and Operating Organization: Suzhou WE Sports & Culture Development Co., Ltd.

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